East Fairfield United Methodist Church
Thursday, May 24, 2018


JANUARY 2018 Edition of The Way
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We hope you enjoy reading this edition of The Way.
Our newsletter is published monthly, just before
the last Sunday of the month.
 Archived copies of the church newsletter:
12/2017 Dec                clientimages/51633/ 12 Dec. 2017 newsletter.pdf
11/2017 Nov                clientimages/51633/ 11 Nov.2017newsletter.pdf 
10/2017 Oct                 clientimages/51633/ 10 Oct. 2017 newsletter.pdf
09/2017 Sept                      clientimages/51633/09 Sep.2017 newsletter.pdf
08/2017 August           clientimages/51633/08 Aug. 2017 newsletter.pdf
07/2017 July                clientimages/51633/ 07 July 2017newsletter.pdf 
06/2017 June               clientimages/51633/06 Jun 2017newsletter.pdf
05/2017 May                clientimages/51633/05 May 2017 newsletter.pdf
04/2017 April                clientimages/51633/04 Apr. 2017 newsletter.pdf
03/2017 March             clientimages/51633/03 Mar. 2017newsletter.pdf
02/2017 February         clientimages/51633/02 Feb.2017 newsletter.pdf
01/2017 January              clientimages/51633/01 Jan. 2017 newsletter.pdf
Please Pray for Our Troops and Missionaries Around the World.


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